How To Save Money When Shopping Online

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What’s the best thing about shopping online?

No long lines or large crowds, plus you’re getting your purchased items delivered straight to your door, right?

But online shopping can be expensive, especially if you’re prone to be an impulse buyer.

Here are some ways for you to save money while shopping smarter online.

Coupon Codes

Almost everywhere you shop online has a coupon code you can use at checkout to make your purchase less expensive.

There’s a ton of apps that have coupon codes you can use and there are also browser extensions that can help you find current coupon codes with just one click. ✅ Sign-up for eBates (now Rakuten) to get cashback whenever you shop online!

Whenever you choose to make a purchase online, always remember to look for coupon codes before you complete you check out.

Clear Your Search History

Online stores have tools in place to track how much you spend shopping online, what you purchase, and your preferences.

They’re also able to use “dynamic pricing” technology. This checks your computer history and then decides what price you are likely to pay for a specific item based on your past purchases.

They then take all of that info and price the products you’re looking at according to what you’ve done in the past.

You can avoid that by using an incognito browser or simply clearing your browser cache, cookies, and history before you begin shopping.

Abandon Your Cart

Once you’ve added an item to your online shopping cart, try leaving it for a few hours or even a couple of days and just walk away.

Trust me, these stores have systems in place for customers who “abandon” their carts. Soon after you’ve left your cart, you’ll receive an email offering you discounts if you purchase the item you were looking at, they may even place a time limit on the offers to push you to purchase right away.

Abandoning your cart also helps you make sure you really need or want an item before purchasing. You may decide that you don’t really need it after all which means you saved money by taking your time to think it through, especially when it comes to impulse buys.

Sign Up for Email Updates

Many online stores offer discounts for new email subscribers as a thank you for letting them stay in touch. They often send ongoing exclusive offers as well, that you would likely miss otherwise!

Avoid Weekend Purchases

Online stores are aware that the majority of people are home on the weekends and that’s usually the time they shop online.

That means prices may be a bit higher from Friday to Sunday. It’s wise to avoid online purchases during these days especially if you’re planning to spend a large amount of money online.

You should also watch the prices a week before to check which days have the lowest prices. Usually, those days are Tuesdays or Wednesdays.


Shopping online doesn’t need to be expensive and many times it can even cost less than driving to a store and making your purchase in person.

Saving a few bucks is definitely possible if you apply these tips and tricks.

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