3 Places to Visit in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Have you been wanting to visit North Carolina but you don’t know which city to start in or even what to do?

Well, the beautiful city of Charlotte has a lot to offer and these places are just a few of the many places you can explore once you get there.

I’ve found 3 budget-friendly places that you can explore when visting Charlotte!


Charlotte is one of North Carolina’s major cities and, as such, there has to be fun things to do here, right? We’ll kickstart this trip at Carowinds.

Who doesn’t love a good amusement park? Located at 300 Carowinds Boulevard is, you guessed it, Carowinds! This 400-acre amusement park will delight everyone that has come on vacation with you!

They have a splash park that is fantastic for summer trips. Of course, they also have thrilling roller-coasters and rides for kids so there’s fun for everyone.

One cool thing about this Carowinds location is on one of the rides, you will start in North Carolina and cross into South Carolina, isn’t that neat?

You can find deals on tickets year-round or get a season pass.

U.S. National Whitewater Center

This just might be your favorite part of visiting Charlotte.

The U.S. National Whitewater Center (USNWC) is a place where you would want to hang out from dusk until dawn. This place is even better to visit for a trip during the summer.

It is located at 5000 Whitewater Center Parkway.

Whitewater rafting is probably the most popular thing to do here and is why many tourists come. You have to have a reservation to go rafting but it is worth it. There will be a guide with you at all time and they will have a session to go over everything you need to know before you get into the raft.

The USNWC offers three tours, all guided, and you have to have a reservation for each tour and they leave at scheduled times.

There are other things to enjoy at the UNSWC other than rafting and tours. They have festivals throughout the year that each offer different things to do and see.

Thursday through Saturday, May through September, they have River Jam, which brings to you live musical performances (that will suit the tastes of everyone from bluegrass to rock to funk). Free to attend but you do have to pay for parking which is only $6. This event is also offered during each of the festivals they have throughout the year.

You’ve probably been walking around all day, seeing everything and doing the activities so you might be feeling just a little bit hungry or thirsty. Located in the park are multiple places, including restaurants and snack type stores, to stop by and get something to eat and drink.

It is truly one of the best places to visit in Charlotte.

Discovery Place

This is an interactive museum where your kids will be able to utilize all of their senses to learn some pretty neat things.

There is also a nature part where they can learn about all different types of animals.

This might be the cheapest place you visit, ticket wise with all tickets for adults and children being under $10 each for Discovery Nature and under $20 for Discovery Science. They also offer military discounts.

It is very kid friendly. There are things to do for children of all ages.

Just a heads up, these places are not in the same place. Discovery Nature is located at 1658 Sterling Road and Discovery Science is located at 301 North Tryon Street.

So, if you’re looking for a good pastime to learn about science and nature or looking to get that thrilling adrenaline rush that whitewater rafting and rollercoasters provide, these are just three of the best places to visit while you are visiting the city of Charlotte.